Goal Getters - Testimonials

Goal Getters - Gaithersburg, Maryland

My partners and I hired Walter Borotto after our company experienced a period of decline and lack of internal structure and vision. His coaching was transformative to our business and became our most effective tool as we worked to regrow and refine our company. He offered a straight-forward no-nonsense approach, providing practical guidance in an assertive yet supportive way—because he genuinely cared about our success. Walter is always a careful listener, thoughtful in his responses and readily available when needed. In a company with multiple partners, he advanced each partner’s individual development as well as the business development as a whole. After working with Walter, we became stronger business leaders and thinkers, enabling us to nearly DOUBLE our billings. In ten years of business, Walter B. was the best investment our company made!

May Curry, Principal/Art Director
Spark Design

Walter Borotto of Goal Getters has been an advisor/coach for the past five years. His service has been a key ingredient to our firm’s success which I am proud to state that over the past five years, Kendall Capital Management has tripled in size as measured by Assets Under Management (AUM). We have grown on average 5-6% per quarter growth rate. Over the first nine months of 2016, we have grown over 20%, $28 million Assets under Management (AUM). Today we manage $175 million AUM for approximately 140 families.

Walter’s guidance helped our firm develop long term strategic goals, objectives, matrix to measure our successes along the way. At the same time Walter has been able to help us manage through short term difficult task of managing personnel and marketing issues. We at Kendall Capital Management are very appreciative of the valuable skills and talents Walter Borotto of Goal Getters provided our company.

Clark Kendall, President, Kendall Capital Management

We’ve been working with Mr. Borotto for over three years because we see value in his advice and his judgement. He understands how different personalities have to come together to make a business work. For us, he’s coached us through some difficult periods, and we’ve always found value in his ability to get us to look at a situation from different perspectives. For us, it’s been about looking forward toward new goals and not looking in the rearview mirror.

Josef Ott, Vice President, Rampf Molds Industries

Walter has been involved in our recent management workshops and he was also helping us in coaching our supervisors. Walter’s ability to engage various people with different background and to focus on tangible results is outstanding. He has become a trusted advisor to us, who brings the missing perspective on the table in order to achieve to the best solution.

Roland Rampf, CEO, Rampf Molds Industries

I began working with Walter Borotto several years ago during a period of “career crisis.” 2008 hit me and my business hard and I decided to let that career and my business fade away, while looking for another business line that best suited my talents. It was a painful time for me and my ego was severely bruised. As I worked closely with Walter, I slowly began to see myself through different eyes. While I thought I was suffering from a lack of focus, because I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do next, Walter convinced me that it wasn’t a lack of focus that was the issue. He showed me that I was actually very focused in my pursuit of a new career and that once I found the right path, I would be very focused and successful in that new career. Long story short, Walter’s patience and keen intuitive observation skills helped me get over the hump and I am now happy and very successful in my new career. I owe a lot of my success to my time working with Walter and would highly recommend him to any business owner who feels confused and unfocused.

Nick Lutkins, Partner, EchoPoint Marketing Partners

Walter and Goal Getters have been absolutely great to work with. They have helped out my company tremendously. I would highly recommend working with them.

Mike Levine, QuickStream Print, LLC

We’ve worked with other consultants in the past, but we found Walter to have a strong ability to keep us focused and on point in helping us move toward our objectives. He is a strong communicator and has a direct, common sense approach. He understands what business owners go through on a daily basis, and was able to keep us focused on what we needed to do to grow our business. His assessments were very helpful in our employee selection and on-boarding process.

Demet Anagnos, Owner/President, Results CFO

Walter provides unbiased, no-nonsense, business consulting. He specializes in weeding through the “B.S.” and creating clarity for business owners and leaders. His methodology is practical and goal-oriented, and ultimately gives his clients the tools necessary to be more effective in the workplace.

Hillary Coggeshall, Principal, Spark Design

I have been working with Walter since 2013. Coakley Realty does not have layers of management. Walter serves as an integral part of our surrogate management team by asking thoughtful, direct and intelligent questions. He is a great sounding board and he makes me think about tough issues which face Coakley Realty. Business leaders would be fortunate to have an asset such as Walter on their team


Rory Coakley, Coakley Realty

Walter Borotto is a key strategic partner of Jordan-Crandus and we hope he will continue to help for the duration. We bring him in on projects where his expertise is needed and he performs better than expected. I look forward to our next joint project.

Louis A. Kastelic, MPBC, Jordan-Crandus, P.A.

Dear Walter,
When I made the decision to add a business development person to my dealership, I had no idea how to proceed. You provided not only the correct path to follow, but more importantly, the expertise to successfully make the journey. In particular the aptitude accessement was remarkably helpful. any business looking to improve or expand can benefit from your expertise.
Tom Woodstok, Principal - AMI Business Interiors